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Web Projects

Welcome to my digital showcase. Here, you’ll encounter projects I have worked on including applications, websites, graphics, and digital marketing projects.

Comfy Deploy & Pixio

Leveraging an open-source GitHub platform, I innovatively adapted and enhanced Comfy Deploy, contributing significantly to the development of the Pixio API application. My involvement included producing a comprehensive tutorial video, utilizing advanced editing software and AI voiceover technology, which was recognized and included in the original repository by the project owner.This endeavor not only showcased my technical prowess but also deepened my expertise in synchronizing and refining models and workflows. My contributions were instrumental in advancing scalable, high-performance web application deployment, demonstrating my comprehensive understanding and skill in modern development practices.

Mortal Music Product Page 

Here is my meticulously designed product page for the Mortal Music app, crafted with WordPress and the Divi builder. This project exemplifies strategic digital advertising, cohesive branding, and user engagement, showcasing my expertise in creating visually appealing and strategically focused digital content that resonates with the target audience.

AI Art Generations

Mixture of AI image art using the newest cutting edge AI models and tools.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me with any inquiries or questions!